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sol in oklahoma

sol in oklahoma

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Posted in medical-bills on Jan 24, 11 at 8:21AM
I have 6 medical collections i am working on using why chats method. so far I have opted out and sent in my pre-hipaa to the two cra. just now while doing some research i noticed why chat had responded to someone on page 4 or 5 that in oklahoma the sol is 3 years for medical bills. any suggestions on how i should handle this
Follow the program. The SOL is the LEGAL time for being sued. The reporting time is the same ( 7 years)
ok, I actually have 7 med. collections that I disputed, got a answer from exp. and they show 6 as remains and the last as updated. on the updated they gave me info. of the OC but not on the other 6 which are from another ca. how should this be handled
just curiouse as to how I should proceed. these are my bills and I know who the original creditors are. again I have taken the steps listed above only. I have to send letter step 1 letter again to equifaxs as it has still not been delivered and was sent on the 12-4-10. anyhow, exp. response was "remains" on 6 bills from same CA and 1 from another CA was listed as "updated". I can pay these now (of course not to the CA) so I would just like to know how I can proceed but need to be sure they will be deleted as they will fall off in july 2012. I need them off asap as I am trying to get a mortgage loan and these are my only negatives and they are screwing up my credit.
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