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Capital One Secured CLI

Capital One Secured CLI

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Posted in credit on Feb 11, 11 at 10:36PM
Just got an increase on my Capital One Secured card. My limit was previously $200, they increased it by $100 this morning. Not sure if it matters but I do have another Cap 1 card, not secured, with a $750 limit. I've had the account for 7 months, and it's been 4 days since my 7th statement cut. My util is TERRIBLE right now, like 85%, so I'm surprised I even got an increase. Never missed any payments or gone over my credit limit on the card.
Congrats!! Good to see that they are actually doing what they said they would.
Just got an email from them too! Re: Your account ending in **** ******* ***********, Sometimes being a responsible customer pays off—like right now! We’ve increased your credit line by $100. This increase is unsecured and provided automatically, so you don’t need to send an additional deposit to cover it. A higher credit line means you’ll enjoy more flexibility and be better prepared for life’s unexpected expenses. Now put your new credit line to work for you. You’ve earned it! To check out this increase, just access your account online. And of course, feel free to keep adding funds to your security deposit. Don’t forget you’re eligible for free CreditInform®* with this account—sign up today by calling toll free 1-877-511-7704. It’s a great way to track your credit and receive useful credit tools.
Guess I will build up my capone security deposit since they are holding to what they said. Wonder if with a 500 limit I would get a higher unsecured increase.
Well like I said, my util is really high right now. They did soft me a few days before this too so I think that had some bearing on my increase amount.
Congrats! That is good to know.
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