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EX failure to respond to dispute

EX failure to respond to dispute

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Posted in credit on Feb 09, 11 at 2:20AM
I sent a dispute to EX in May for 4 tradelines. They never responded or marked my accounts 'in dispute'. A couple weeks ago, I sent them a letter notifying them that they had not responded and need to delete each the tradelines. I can see now on my report that they are under investigation. One TL (midland) verified and the other 3 are all marked "currently being investigated". I will wait to receive something from them, but I didn't request an investigation this time. They have to delete, don't they?
I had a similiar situation, but they eventualy got deleted, but not through EQ... 45days is what you must give them if you get the report free..
EX doesn't read anything you send them. They scan the document looking for account numbers, certain words, ect. I sent in proof of a TL having the wrong OC listed and they disputed the OCs TL instead of the CAs because I listed the OCs account number on the form and only mentioned the CA by name. I don't get how they can do this but I'm pretty sure that is what they do.
--- dispute was in May, so they have had plenty of time. I think you are right. My first dispute was send (per recommendations on this board) via certified self-mailer from click2mail. The thought is that the scanners can't work with the folds/cardstock. I guess maybe i will send my follow up threatening letter to them via self-mailer. But am i right...they do have to delete those that they didn't respond to...right?
Technically they have 30 or 45 (free report) days to investigate and if the TL can not be verified then it must be deleted. But they will probably claim they never received a dispute for that TL and you will have to sue and win to accomplish anything with them. I would like to get my dispute to a live person. I'm in the Special Handling Dept at EX now and when I call I speak with the same lady (or I have to call back if she is not there). She told me to send in proof, which I did, to the same address as normal disputes and all I get is the previously investigated letter.
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