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Transferred to Recovery

Transferred to Recovery

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Posted in credit on Feb 01, 11 at 7:16PM
Just how does the OC statement: "Transferred to Recovery" affect FICO? I've never been able to pull my scores with and without in order to compare. Has anyone else? Is it harmless as far as FICO goes, but just doesn't look good to a manual review, such as a "Closed by Credit Grantor" statement? I'm wondering if I should just leave it alone for now and concentrate on inaccurate balances.
I'm not quite sure, but it's probably a step above a charge off...
Just got the paper copy of my TU CR. With all else reporting positively, such as a "paid as agreed" status, no lates, etc....this TL is still reporting adverse. I called the TU CSR, who told me that the reason it's adverse is because of the creditor statement, "transferred to recovery". So back to the drawing board. Have to get this OC to get rid of that statement once and for all. Trying to get it changed to "customer disputes" and nothing else. It took me a year to get the inaccurate lates off, and status changed to paid as I have to deal with this. Hopefully won't take another year. I hate disputing one aspect of a TL because you put yourself at risk to messing up something that is reporting how you want it to. But I assume that FICO cares about this stupid statement, so now I have to.
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