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RoadLoans Financing: Do auto dealers take this check?

RoadLoans Financing: Do auto dealers take this check?

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Posted in automotive-financing on Jan 20, 11 at 9:20PM
HI! I have postively awful credit, 2 charge offs almost two years ago, anyway, I got approved by RoadLoans for a fifteen thousand car loan.. im in real estate and need a nice car. Anyway, any postive experiences here? Im worried that these dealers will not take this check! I have heard horror stories! Also, I csn only go to a franchised dealer, IS THIS TRUE? They seemed to not care at the RoadLoans Customer Service Center, She said, we dont want you going to a "Mom and Pop" place. Where I live in New England it is mostly used car "Superstores" and the deals are SO MUCH BETTER! What are you experiences with this! Thanks guys!
I have my loan through roadloans and have not had any problems with them as far as purchasing a car. They have been misreporting on my tradeline so I have get that corrected. Mostly, I don't have any complaints.
What doies that mean, they have been misreporting your tradelines? You didnt have any dealers who said "NO" we will not take this "check".. How many days did it take the dealer to get their money from RoadLoans and for you to get your car? What kind of place did you buy it at? Sorry for all the questions!
It will be likely the stipulations of accepting the check will be stated in fine print. You will do well to yourself read it, as there may be stipulations/conditions. If the dealer feels comfortable meeting the stipulations if there are any, he will accept the check. The reason they want you to visit franchise dealers has to do with the guarantee of title IMO.
they said I was late when I wasn't. I have never had any dealerships refuse the check. I did have one pull credit in case the check didn't go through but then I had them remove the inquiry. I went to a dealership that had a franchise attached to it, like honda, toyota, lexus, etc. It was really easy and quick. I did all of the research ahead of time. As far as the dealership getting their money, I really don't know and don't care how long it took. So don't you worry. It's the same waiting time as getting financing through the dealership with the banks they deal with I would imagine. The check is good as long as they do everything that is stipulated in the paperwork. I walked in with a check and left with my car a few hours later. Don't worry. I have bought cars like this several times using different online financing providers. I have never had a problem. If they won't accept the check then take your business elsewhere. There are many dealerships out there who will happily oblige you. Hope that helps.
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